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Using the technology of today to follow the example of previous generations, the Maternity Manifesto aims to activate popular energy and political will to create nation-wide access to evidence based maternity care options!

We seek the support of all concerned groups or organisations in this endeavour.

The ‘Maternity Manifesto; Better Beginnings’ includes issues and information from previous campaigns, such as LaLeche League NZ and Infant Feeding Association New Zealand efforts to gain full implementation of the WHO Code. It is hoped that by combining these issues and seeking cross-sectional support the manifestos recommendations will become government maternity care policy for all New Zealand.

Download a copy of the summary page or the full Maternity Manifesto (8 pages including references) to share with your group.

If you are part of an organisation that supports the recommendations of this manifesto please email details about your group, together with a statement of support and a link to your group’s logo and/or website so all can be posted on this page, like the 32 below.

MSCC logoThe Maternity Services Consumer Council endorses the Maternity Manifesto as we support normal labour, birth and alternatives to hospital birthing and women-centred care

Birthcare supports the Maternity Manifesto around normal labour and birth in primary maternity facilities or birth centres.

The New Zealand Breastfeeding Authority (NZBA) support the Maternity Manifesto and are keen to see Human Milk Banks re-established, the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes becoming the New Zealand standard and a focus on normal birthing as these all help in establishing successful breastfeeding.

Women’s Health Action supports the goals of the Maternity Manifesto as it is consistent with Women’s Health Action’s position on future directions of the maternity care system.


Mothers Milk supports this manifesto as it is aligned with our objective; to have donor breast milk available through-out New Zealand, for all needy recipients including; sick, adopted or fostered babies or those of ill mothers. ‘Mother’s Milk’ encourages all to sign up as a supporter of this important cause, to improve the onset of life for our future generations!

Home Birth Aotearoa wholeheartedly supports the Maternity Manifesto, particularly in its call for clarity around the commitment that our nation’s government has to normal birth, home birth and home birth promotion. The Maternity Manifesto aligns with each of our goals. All aspects of this manifesto weave together to form the vision of a healthy nation – something we ALL should aim for!

La Leche League New Zealand (LLLNZ) supports the Maternity Manifesto as its focus is on normal birth of which the establishment of breastfeeding forms an important part. We support the call for the re-establishment of human milk banks and the full implementation of the WHO International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes and its subsequent relevant resolutions. La Leche League believes that breastmilk is the superior infant food and that alert and active participation by the mother in childbirth is a help in getting breastfeeding off to a good start –

West Auckland Parents Centre offers women information about the benefits of natural   labour, birth and other women centred maternity options therefore we support the Maternity Manifesto.


The Auckland Women’s Health Council supports the aims and objectives of the Maternity Manifesto. We believe that a strong voice is needed to counter the propaganda of the infant formula industry that seduces women into believing that infant formula is almost as good as breastmilk. It is time that the Ministry of Health took action on improving the health and well-being of mothers and babies by discouraging inappropriate advertising and marketing of infant formula.

NUMB (Neonatal Unity for Mothers and Babies) supports the Maternity Manifesto and all work towards women having access to evidence based information for their pregnancy, childbirth, post-birth and parenting care and decision making.NUMB is particularly interested in work towards provision of facilities within Neonatal Intensive Care and Special Care Baby Units to enable parents to remain next to their infants twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. The evidence about the critical importance of this issue is steadily growing. This project will involve a range of actions from consideration of parent beds next to the incubator/cot space when designing new units to reconfiguration of existing units.

MAMA Maternity endorses the Maternity Manifesto. There is a growing body of evidence to show that normal birth and breastfeeding greatly improve the physical, mental and social health of any population.  MAMA Maternity believes that the Government should be challenged to support and encourage normal birth and breastfeeding through, the promotion of home birthing; the provision of primary birthing facilities throughout the country; restricting access to secondary services and facilities to those with diagnosed need; the funding of a postnatal care model that assists all women to establish and continue breastfeeding; and the full implementation of the WHO International Code for the Marketing of Breast Milk substitutes. We also support the call for facilities and services that facilitate mother-baby unity when either need secondary or tertiary care and the establishment of human milk banks so that all babies can have access to the health giving qualities of human milk.

Parents Centres New Zealand supports the Maternity Manifesto as it aligns well with the philosophies of our organisation, in particular around natural labour and birth.  Parents Centre have been supporting parents to make informed choices in New Zealand communities for 60 years.

The New Zealand College of Midwives is committed to protecting, promoting and supporting normal birth and therefore supports the goals of the Maternity Manifesto as it is consistent with the College’s position. The College is concerned with the rising level of unnecessary intervention occurring in childbirth in New Zealand particularly when there is a growing body of evidence to show that normal birth and breastfeeding greatly improve the physical, mental and social health of any population.”

The New Zealand Lactation Consultants Association supports the Maternity Manifesto because we share many of the same goals. We all need to work toward removing obstacles that can make it difficult for women to achieve their breastfeeding goals. The Maternity Manifesto reminds us that it takes an entire community – health care providers, employers, families/whanau, policymakers, and the general public – to create an environment where mothers have the support and confidence to initiate and sustain breastfeeding. Barriers to normal birth; birth location and support; separation of mothers from their babies, non-availability of pasteurised human donor breastmilk; deliberate non-compliance with the WHO Code; mothers having to return to the paid workforce before they are ready and without the support they need to maintain breastfeeding, can all have a negative effect on mothers’ health and the health of our future generations.

  Bay Babies Community Care Centre, strongly supports the Maternity Manifesto.  Bay Babies Practitioners believe in the natural and normal birth spectrum and safe, positive outcomes for all family members. The Maternity Manifesto aligns with our belief that women have the right to have a birth experience that they own, and the need to promote and support breastfeeding.  We encourage families to make lifestyle choices that are appropriate for them, their children and their family.

Birth Matters 4 Best Beginnings supports the Maternity Manifesto as it calls for the establishment of evidence-based, woman (therefore family friendly) maternity care options which will also result in more cost effective use of limited health resources and positive life outcomes for our community.


  ‘Thrive Teen Parent Support Trust fully endorses the Maternity Manifesto as we support young mums-to-be to have a natural, normal labour and birth process and wholeheartedly believe in every baby’s right to access breast milk.

Turuki Health Care supports the Maternity Manifesto as we believe it supports our kaupapa perfectly.  Our moto is “Whakamanatia te wahnie hei oranga whanau” – Inspiring women to raise healthy families.  Our Midwifery team encourage Normal Labour and Birth and Alternatives to Hospital Birthing.  We have a team specifically employed to provide community support to mothers to encourage exclusive breastfeeding for at least six months and beyond. This team (B4Baby) and the organisation support the WHO code and is BFCI accredited.  Therefore, we will endorse the Maternity Manifesto as it is consistent to our goals and philosophy.

Active Birth Taranaki supports the Maternity Manifesto as we believe in allowing new mothers and families to make informed choices related to their birth and care. Pregnancy is a natural event in life and we would like to see all women feeling empowered by their choices in
their journey to motherhood.

 Slingbabies supports the Maternity Manifesto in promoting mothers and newborns staying together post-birth and beyond. This is in line with Slingbabies’ philosophy of the fourth trimester – mother is baby’s home inside and out.”

Mamaternity Charitable Trust supports the Maternity Manifesto as we believe pregnancy is a natural event in life and all women should feel empowered by their choices. We feel strongly that new mothers and families need to make informed choices related to all areas of their birth and  postpartum care.

AUT Midwifery Students Association (AMSA) supports the Maternity Manifesto and its philosophies surrounding natural and normal childbirth. As future midwives, we are committed to providing evidence-based and quality care to improve the health outcomes of our wāhine and pēpi.


The Southland Home Birth Association supports the Maternity Manifesto because it promotes positive family-centred birth. We encourage women to trust their bodies and reclaim their central role in the birthing process.

The Postnatal Distress Support Network is delighted to support the Maternity Manifesto. We particularly support the implementation of mother-baby unity in the care of all sick newborns. Mother-baby unity is an important factor in attachment and separation often unnecessarily adds to trauma that parents and babies are experiencing when baby is ill and needs special care.

Bella Mama endorses and supports the Maternity Manifesto as we believe that all mothers should have the right to normal, natural labour and birth, and women-centred care options as well as alternatives to hospital birthing. We strongly believe in the evidence based benefits of normal birth and breastfeeding for mothers and babies and agree that all mothers should have access to education and support and be allowed to choose gentle birthing options and mother/baby centred care if desired.


Stephanie Gardiner of Peace of Mind Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP supports the Maternity Manifesto. As a HypnoBirthing Practitioner & Trainer Stephanie believes women should be empowered to make informed choices around their birthing and be able to experience birth the way nature intended in a natural & calm manner.


Great Fathers supports the Maternity Manifesto. Natural birth attended by the father who is consciously included by maternity professionals is a great step towards developing a robust family unit.

Naturally Fertile fully and wholeheartedly supports the Maternity Manifesto to ensure all women and their birthing partner’s make an informed and conscious choice on their birthing experience. We believe that by bringing baby into this world in the most calm, gentle and natural way, with minimal intervention is best longterm for mother and baby. Bringing New Zealand up to WHO guidelines is a must.

Joyful Childbirth supports the Maternity Manifesto because we believe in every woman’s right to choose where and how she gives birth. Being treated with respect, understanding and care throughout pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period is essential for feeling empowered by her experiences and is the best way for mothers to be born. We believe it is the right of every woman to be given the information they need and treated as an individual, not a statistic. Any medical care given should be based on sound scientific research and the individual’s own choices as well as the belief in the innate ability of women to birth successfully when supported correctly.

DOULA NZ  fully supports the Maternity Manifesto because every woman deserves to be supported with care and respect during birth and new motherhood in a way that she needs. When a woman feels supported, listened to and valued she can then feel safe to relax and birth in the way she chooses leading to a happier start to family life. Every woman has the right to choose who she has at her birth and for everyone present with her to work together

Warkworth Birthing Centre supports the Maternity Manifesto. We believe that Primary Birthing Facilities, in the women’s own community, is the optimal place to support normal physiological labour and birth. Primary Facilities also provide the ideal environment to rest, recuperate and establish breastfeeding after the birth.

Pregnancy Help has been assisting parents to make informed choices during pregnancy in New Zealand communities for 35 year. The purpose of our work is family wellness. We endorse the Maternity Manifesto as we support options that will bring better maternity care outcomes plus more efficient use of limited health resources as outlined in the Maternity Manifesto.

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