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Prior to the election candidates from each of the parties standing for election on September 23rd, will be informed about the content and progress of the petition and hopefully it may become policy for at least one party?

After the election a Member of Parliament will present the petition and all signatures to the House of Representatives, so all the requested actions will be processed and become Ministry of Health policy.

Any comments you wish to leave with your signature will also be presented to the New Zealand House of Representatives along with the petition.

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8 Responses to Individual Supporters

  • Shaune Blackwell says:

    As an American living in NZ I am amazed at the midwifery system set up in NZ and how different it is to that in the states. After having a child here I cannot imagine having one in the States. Please support the Maternity Manifesto to make sure that NZ women continue to have all the options they have.

  • Suze Keys says:

    All three of my children have been born at home – for a variety of reasons, I did not want to birth in hospital. I am proud to have had three natural births, with next to no interventions, not even a vaginal exam. I would love to see many more women taking the opportunity to birth outside of hospital. Well women can birth away from hospital, freeing up beds for those who really need them. Intervention-free birth should be the norm where healthy pregnancies/well women are the norm.

  • Gina Eccersall-Panther says:

    After an emergency c section my son was taken to NICU and given formula without my permission. How great would it have been to not even think of that possibility if we had milk banks? And how wonderful if my son got to room in with me or my hospital was trying kangaroo care? I believe we can get to this point!

  • Jenny Johnston says:

    As a midwife of 35 years, mostly as a homebirth midwife, this movement has my total support and I am willing to help in any way I can.

  • Lorelee Clarke says:

    My community in Western Southland are about to embark on a huge battle with the Southern District Health Board!!!
    Presently our community has a fantastic birthing centre, the staff and facilities are wonderful you receive one on one support around the clock and women can birth in their community.
    We are situated in a remote rural area located 100kms from Southland hospital and as of yesterday it has cone to light that the Southern District Health Board will not extend the contract with the trust which currently provides the services when it runs out on the 31st of March 2012. Yes thats right they have only let us know now (3 wks until closing). They will not be providing funding for labour, birth or postnatal services in our community!
    Obviously this is not acceptable to our community and I worry it will set a prescedant for other healthboards around the country that hey we can close these primary birthing facilities.
    Is there anyone out there who can provide us with advice/ support etc. We would
    love to hear from you!

  • Natalie de Wet says:

    My children were all born in South Africa – where choices are few & far between, and your care is managed by an obstetrician in a hospital. Working in New Zealand as a Birth Doula, I feel truly blessed to team up alongside the wonderful midwifery system we have here, where women have choices. I would love women to have access to more birth centres, resulting in decreased intervention rates – I strongly support the Manifesto!

  • Karen Carson says:

    When low risk women birth in the hospital they often end up with interventions. On the North Shore of Auckland we have one hospital which is always full and no stand-alone primary birthing centre as an option. The closest birthing unit is Birthcare which is not always practical because of the traffic, or Helensville or Warkworth – both of which are away from the local community for North Shore women. Instead of closing down birthing units the Government should be opening more – the evidence supports it and the health savings would be worth it. I strongly support the manifesto.

  • Ngaere Dawson says:

    I think it is time for women to rise up and prevent the slide toward childbirth becoming totally medicalized. Women are not sick when they have a baby, they do not need to be in an acute hospital. Hosptials should be a back up not an automatic place to have a baby. A natural birth is the most amazing experience any woman and their family will ever go through in their life. Canterbury has a bad record for intervention. Obstetrician are surgeons, many have not witnessed the marvels of natural child birth. Obstetrians and skilled midwives need to ‘chat’.

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